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PARCMedia is a news and media project founded by two USMC veterans, Sergio Kochergin & Vince Emanuele. They give a working-class take on issues surrounding politics, ecology, community organizing, war, culture, and philosophy. Become a Patreon: Follow Us on Twitter: Follow Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Instagram:

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  1. Community Organizing & Tenants' Rights in Boston | ft. Cynthia Peters

    Cynthia Peters is a writer, editor, and long-time community organizer. She has been active in the labor, anti-war, reproductive justice, and housing justice movements. Currently, she volunteers at City Life/Vida Urbana, where she helps build Tenant Associations and supports eviction defense through both direct action and legal protections. At her ...


  2. CCOVID-19 Activism & Community Organizing in Los Angeles | ft. Wendy Barranco

    Wendy Barranco is a community organizer and independent consultant. Wendy was born in Mexico, is of Indigenous descent, and resides in unceded Tongva land (Los Angeles) having migrated at the age of four with her mother. At 17, she was socioeconomically drafted to the Army and as a veteran of ...


  3. U.S. Foreign Policy & the COVID Solidarity Manifesto | ft. Peter Kuznick

    Peter Kuznick is an expert on twentieth-century American history. He can comment on Japanese and American nuclear culture, the history of American sexuality, U.S. cultural history, the 1930s, the 1960s, Vietnam, Cold War and nuclear history, and American radicalism. Kuznick is director of AU’s Nuclear Studies Institute. A proponent of ...


  4. Ferguson, Chicago to Minneapolis: Ongoing Rebellions | ft. Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson is a Gary, Indiana, native who was one of the founding members of Black Lives Matter NWI - Gary. Currently, he is a member of the Chicago Teachers Union. Jonathan has worked with organizations around the world, including on the Ivory Coast of Africa and in Nicaragua. Jonathan ...


  5. Activists, Police & Rebellion in Minneapolis | fr. Jessica Garraway

    Jessica Garraway has worked as a substitute teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota for three years. She has been organizing and writing on matters such as wealth disparity, racism, LGBT liberation, women’s liberation, and environmental issues for over 10 years. In recent years her work has been predominantly focused on environmental-climate justice. ...